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We are an active company,starting from the fasten business of rivet and screw;then into handrail field;Recently,we move in to food of pineapple cake,and plush toy. Now we start to do the brand and tattoo authorization.Welcome you to visit our website.

Glass Clamps&Balustrade Clamp&Glasklemmen&Klemmbefestigung&Supporti Per Vetro

Patent Glass Clamps,We have many different kind of glass clamps,one of them has patent in Taiwan,Germany,China, U.K.,HFGC931005 patent glass clamps is totally different glass clamp,inside bracket we designed a honeycomb,which makes the absorption of rubber (like Spiderman using in the movie),in which we can hold the rubber more well to prevent from the slip,this is a techniquie issue,not just a vision,it works. Taiwan patent no.:M274436 Germany patent no.:20 2005 009 826.4 China patent no.:200520025810.9 U.K. patent no.:GB2425460 We have R21.2(dia42.4mm),R24(dia48mm) and flat end,regarding to rubber pad,we have rubber pad for fixing 6mm glass,6.76mm glass,8mm glass,8.76mm glass,9.52mm glass,10mm glass and so on. As to security pin,we have a stainless steel pin. We also have plastic cap to make the glass clamps screw hole pretty. Please try to use it,and we do believe you will like to have this wonderful glass clamps (Balustrade Clamps).thank you.

Handrailing fitting

pipe fitting, glass clamp 


EMBRACE HOPE AND CHERISH LOVE Haunted in my dream, tears of sorrow damped my pillowcase. I missed my loving Mother's warm embrace. Friend of mine gave me a doll to comfort me. It healed me and warmed my heart. I was glad to be loved. Unfortunately, I lost my beloved doll on a bullet train during an European trip last June. I felt sad just thinking about it. I was sick fo r two months after the New Year.  I know I need to be strong so I made a doll to comfort myself. Now I decide to share my doll with everybody. Embrace hope and cherish love! 

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